I've had an accident.
Here's what to do.

Car Checkup & FAQ

For a detailed estimate take it to CSN CARS or call
905-333-9111 to make an appointment.

For an initial budget, take pictures of the damaged areas of your car and email them to info@carsautocollision.ca

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I call police?

The Highway Traffic Act requires that all collisions where persons are injured, where damage exceeds a combined value of $2000, or where there is damage to highway property, MUST be reported to police forthwith.

Should I call my insurance broker?

Do not contact your broker. Check your insurance slip for the 1-800 number and call your insurance company directly.

Should I take pictures?

Yes, always take pictures of the vehicles involved in your accident. Not only does it help when you report the accident, but you can forward them for an initial budget from your auto collision centre.

Who should I call for a tow?

If your vehicle is not drivable, call the tow service of your choice (your auto manufacturer’s road side service, CAA or other), but be sure to ask for an estimate before they tow.

Can I have my car towed to the location of my choice?

Yes, it is your car and you can decide where you want your car taken after the reporting centre.

Should I take my car to my local reporting centre?

You must take your vehicle to the NEAREST reporting centre..

Can I get a rental car while mine is being repaired?

In many cases, your insurance policy may cover the cost of a rental car and we would be happy to help you with those arrangements.

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